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Parking Garage

Checking In

Upon your initial arrival at The Hotel, please park under the large glass awning on Hotel Drive and use the revolving door to access the lobby. You’ll be greeted by our front desk staff, who will guide you through the check-in process and give you the details and directions for your parking options.


The Hotel offers electric car charging stations for self-parkers. The stations are Chargepoint CT4023 models from Up to six vehicles can be charged at a time in our garage. Please let the front desk know at check-in that you will be charging a vehicle. Stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is available at a rate of $24/day. Guests who valet their vehicles have full in/out privileges, and therefore can enter/exit the garage as often as necessary without additional charges. The valet stand is located beneath the large glass awning on Hotel Drive. Guests who choose to valet park can check in and drop their car keys at the valet stand before heading directly for their guest room.


Self-parking is available in our attached garage at a discounted rate of $16/day for hotel guests. Guests who choose this option will receive a parking key card at check-in, which will allow for full in/out privileges throughout their hotel stay. Directions for using the parking key card to enter/exit the garage can be found below.

Self-Parking Instructions (for entering/exiting the garage)

At check-in guests who opt for self-parking will receive an all-white parking key card. (Note: Hotel room keys are black with a design, while parking keys are all-white.) Guests should carry this white parking key card any time they wish to enter/exit the garage and hold it up against the designated spot on the entrance/exit gate box. The parking key card will raise the gates each time a guest enters or exits the garage as long as they are checked in at The Hotel.

Checking Out

When checking out of The Hotel your white parking garage key card will remain active long enough for you to exit the garage. Guests can leave the room keys in their guest room, or drop them at the front desk, but take the parking garage key card with you so you can use it to exit the garage.

After scanning your card at the gate to make your final exit, please deposit your key card in the drop box, located at the exit gate.

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